Why your post on Facebook have more likes than that of your other social media

Research shows that posting same content in Facebook and other social media,  it will have more reaction on Facebook than others.

I was discussing this issue with a friend of mine on Whatsapp,  after he chatted me up to tell me he now have more likes on facebook.

After little argument between two friends, we decided to go for online survey.  We carried out the survey based on friends on FB and independent people.

People who shared their opinions on why they like posts on Facebook.  :

“I like post based on the poster,  though sometimes i see notifications and too busy to view,  then i send a Like” -Feyisola

” I do like post most times without viewing. I look at the poster and believe ots a good post,  though its because its Free mode,  so its easier to just like and scroll away”-Deborah

“Personally,  i just like posts despite not going through its contents, this is for people to like my posts in return.  Because its common” -Adewunmi

“Facebook is a free place, thanks to free mode,  where i can just like contents i know nothing about,  due to me being unable to view the contents ” -Temmy

“I just like posts because i know you posted for it to be liked” -Sola

“Actually i like or react to posts i love.  Not just liking unnecessarily” -Bode

Based on the survey

We realized 70% of People on facebook at least in Nigeria,  just like posts without actually viewing or knowing the contents.

A friend of mine told me his experience.  Where his friend posted his dad was dead,  and he thought it was his usual funny posts due to lack of data,  he reacted with laughing Emoji.  Few weeks later after he was having data,  he realized what actually happened and was sad about it.

Readers out there,  please try to read and know the contents of things you react to online.  you are not paid for liking posts.


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Author: SETAYO

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