One dead and others injured in Rugipo SUG election

‍A student whose identity is yet to be confirmed has been reported dead today at the Student Union Government (SUG) election held today at Rufus Giwa Polytechnic Owo (RUGIPO)

The clash between the sets of students was said to have been fueled by the outcome of the SUG election.

The management had earlier cancelled the election, declaring it inconclusive. This was due to what the management declared has low turn out of the students.

Has earlier declared by the management, the students who are permitted to vote are students who have fully paid their tuition fee. The management later postponed the election in order to permit all students to vote without condition.

After the declaration of the election by the management, which led to fights among some sets of students, which one was shot dead instantly and others injured.

The management are yet to give any report about the incident that occurred as at the time of report.

Author: SETAYO

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