RUGIPOSU UPDATE. Owo Student’s body demand Justice.

Few hours after the sad event that took place at the Rufus Giwa Polytechnic Owo Student Union election, the Apex student body in Owo, Owo Local Government Area Students Union (OLGASU) has released a press statement calling for justice in all angles.

The Statement which was signed by the ever gallant President of the association and tagged the necessary Chambers, expressed their utmost feelings towards the event that happened yesterday 10th of FEB 2021



FEB. 11 , 2021

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RUGIPOSU Election: A Demand For Justice

The Students’ Union Election of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo(RUGIPO) conducted yesterday, 10th February, 2021 but unfortunately disrupted, was supposed to be an historic day but rather overran by sectional selfishness and desperation. From all indications, by the overall acceptance of candidates among the students populace, the emergence of Comrade Olotu Opeyemi(Nature) was imminent yesterday. However, in a bid to overturn the general will of the students, the plans of the government agent and that of the institution were infused and unwearied of futher denting the image of the institution.

Initially, it was a consensus reached by the Independent Student Election Committee (ISEC) and candidates that one of the prerequisites of a bonafide voter in Rufus Giwa Polytechnic Owo Students’ Union(RUGIPOSU) election is the fulfilment of Full Payment of Tuition Fee, and such was officially circulated before the election. However, to the surprise and according to the report of the students, the Election was billed to end at 2Pm According to the circular made available to the public (RUGIPO/DSA/48VolIV/78) and the Electoral procedures/provisions was strictly observed from the beginning And with an unannounced extension, it was later compromised around 2:34pm. The presence of the institution’s Rector and Mr. Eyitayo Ogunyemi, the SSA on Youths and Students Matters to Governor Akeredolu, who reportedly held a meeting at the venue of the Election (ICT Centre) originated the compromise. Hearing this change of provision, the sectional supporters of the favoured candidate were heard singing song of praises to the duo of the Rector and SSA Eyitayo Ogunyemi: “a ni baba kan, baba ara to mo iyi omo” meaning “we have a father, miraculous father who understand the worth of his child”.

Following this awkward development, the chairman of tIndependent Students Electoral Committee (ISEC) insisted that initial provision remains effective as the decision to start accepting Half Payment of Tuition Fee payment voters is not within his knowledge.

Again, to our greatest surprise, Mr. Eyitayo Ogunyemi returned to the election venue around 3:23pm, held down the Electoral Body and other stakeholders close to an hour with the ICT Centre locked against the students. When it was 4:21pm, the electoral body returned to announce the cancellation and postponment of the election!

This unfortunate development and well observed movement of Mr. Eyitayo Ogunyemi, SSA on Youths and Students Matters to Governor Akeredolu, indicated that he inspired the disruption of the initially peaceful election after observing the results was no longer favorable to his preferred candidate.

Our experience at Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, yesterday, is contrary to our craves and yearning for a societal change as youths and Students. We hereby call on all concerned citizens of Ondo State to ask Mr. Eyitayo Ogunyemi to give clear answer as to why he chose to belittle the Office of the SSA to the Governor in his self interest and hidden agenda. We are also calling on all relevant stakeholders to prevail on justice for the lost of not just process but also lives lost yesterday.

As a student body of Owo Local Government Students’ Union (OLGASU), we are sending signal the SSA and whoever may be involved in the hideous actions, that we shall resist further attempt to disrupt the relative peace being enjoyed in Rufus Giwa Polytechnic and Owo by extension.

Our Demands

The National Leadership of the Owo Local Government Area Students’ Union wishes to call on the SSA, Mr. Eyiyato Ogunyemi, to, as a matter of urgency, give proper explanation as to why he has decided to bring disrepute to the Office of the SSA to the Governor on Youths and Students Matters by displaying and propagating his self Interest above the collective interest of Students within the school.

  1. Why will he seduce the management to change the initial mode of Students’ eligiblity in just less than an hour to the Election (If not for his hidden agenda which is obvious to all)

  2. The SSA should explain to us in details, why he chose to visit the ICT Complex (Election venue) for the second time to disrupt the electoral process, even when numbers of eligible voters were waiting outside to exercise their franchise

We wish to publicly express our disappointment that the SSA, who was supposed to be an adviser to the Governor on Students Matters like Bursaries and Scholarship, and Students Oriented programs and projects, can visibly participate in an election process.

We call on all relevant persons to help call on Mr. Eyiyato Ogunyemi to, in the interest of our Students, provide answers to the above questions and to take heed, as Owo Students will no longer entertain any repeat of such actions in the nearest future.


Leo Omotayo Ajibola

National President
Owo Local Government Area Students’ Union (OLGASU)

Comrade Babatunde Olanisimi
National Secretary

Comrade Molagu Taye
National PRO

The Executive Governor of Ondo State
SSA on Youth and Students Matters
National Associations of Nigeria Students NANS
National Association of Ondo State Students NAOSS
Owo Local Govt Area Students’ Union OLGASU

Mylatest media will keep the audience updated.

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